In 2011, the American Board of Medical Specialties voted to make Clinical Informatics the newest subspecialty in Medicine. Clinical Informatics-trained experts were deemed crucial to maintain and improve the nation’s health information infrastructure.

Clinical informaticists focus on systems-level improvements in care delivery through the use of data analytics, clinical decision support, data visualization, and the like. Their work assists patients and payers through reduction of errors, increased safety, reduced costs, more efficient care and improved care coordination. Essentially the work of the clinical informaticist is at a practice or population level, impacting the care of multiple patients through their efforts. Recognizing that health care technology mainly benefits patients and payers led to the HITECH Act, which incentivized the implementation of clinical information technology like electronic health records and health information exchange for hospitals and providers.

Clinical informatics is the study of information technology and how it can be applied to the healthcare field. It includes the study and practice of an information-based approach to healthcare delivery in which data must be structured in a certain way to be effectively retrieved and used in a report or evaluation. Clinical informatics can be applied in a range of healthcare settings including hospital, physician’s practice, military and others.

Clinical InformaticsProviders in today’s healthcare industry increasingly rely on data and technology to provide treatments for patients. They collect and share data to formulate and implement a treatment plan for a patient. Along the way, they use the latest in technological equipment, computers, software, tablets, smartphones and even apps to gather and distribute information. All of this information must be collected, stored, interpreted, analyzed and implemented into a treatment plan.

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