Student safety is a major concern for school districts and the faculty who work with our children. This is certainly not a new concern, but recent tragic events have escalated the need for security systems that provide the ability for immediate emergency response. Rauland’s Telecenter Campus offers the most advanced system available for schools whether for handling emergency situations, events management or everyday communication.

Rauland’s Telecenter Campus is changing K-12 campus security for the better, managing security from the district, campus and classroom. Telecenter Campus focuses on 3 distinct strategies to keep schools systems responsive and effective. The first is the Emergencies Smart Response strategy. In order to successfully handle an on-campus emergency, crisis management strategies are crucial. Telecenter Campus has the ability to pre-record messages that guide decision makers in different crisis scenarios including lockouts, lock-downs, evacuations or weather emergencies. These instructions lead to quick, confident action. The second area of focus is Event Management. To assure that each school day goes smoothly for students, parents and faculty, Telecenter utilizes smart scheduling to easily manage calendars and synchronize bells and clocks from a central network or by each individual school. Lastly, Rauland’s Telecenter Campus provides a solution for everyday communication with an integrated system for paging, intercom, bells, and clocks.

Simplicity is key, Telecenter Campus is easily integrated into any existing communication and safety system. Telecenter provides a network solution that seamlessly addresses Smart Response for Emergency, Event scheduling as well as Everyday communications so that faculty, students and parents have the support they need.

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