Our Extraordinary Value Approach.

Our Extraordinary Value Approach centers around delivering a full suite of complementary technologies that solve for modern enterprise risk profiles. We begin by identifying your risk and engineering a comprehensive solution before delivering and supporting the risk solution. We layer on performance management services to supplement your team and ensure value driven results.


We can help design, install and service new systems, or work with you to upgrade your existing infrastructure to modern high value video surveillance, access control and intrusion protection technology. Our Extraordinary Value Approach mitigates your risk and ensures peace of mind is never a concern.

Clinical Workflow

We use 30 years of experience to expertly design, integrate, and implement solutions to meet the unique needs of acute hospitals, long-term care and rehabilitation hospitals. We increase value by lowering risk, improving communications between patients and caregivers, increasing staff efficiencies, streamlining workflows and facilitating patient satisfaction scores.

Crisis Management

Whether your concern is security, communications or an aging infrastructure, we can help you manage, maintain, monitor, repair and upgrade your facilities to ensure everything functions as it should during emergency situations. We can design and install life safety, integrated security and communication solutions for single building, multi-site complexes, or institutions. 

Network Infrastructure Solutions

At the root of everything we do, ECD Systems is a data and network centric integrator. We have the right technology and systems required for single-floor facilities, office towers or campus settings. Our team works directly with your stakeholders to ensure you get the right system for your specific needs.

Fire Alarm

Our 35 year history designing, installing and servicing fire life safety solutions for buildings of every type makes ECD Systems one of the Southwest’s most experienced fire alarm companies. Our long-standing relationships with Arizona officials and knowledge of local, state and federal regulations ensure we understand every nuance of ever-changing code requirements

Bi-Directional Amplification (BDA)

The latest risk challenge facing large buildings comes from fire departments enforcing NFPA 2010 for Building Radio Enhancement Systems to ensure first responder trunked radios work in every situation. We can help you fulfill this newly enforced requirement and navigate codes to ensure compliance with both federal and local standards.


Our 24/7 team is ready to test, inspect and repair all your system’s components to ensure proper operation. We use cutting-edge techniques and equipment on every inspection to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s complex systems. We will then provide you with detailed documentation required by the National Fire Protection Association and your local authority.

ECD Systems – We do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it!