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Welcome to ECD Systems, where building technology is always connected, modern and solution-driven. Wherever business intelligence can be improved, we’re there. Safer workplaces, secure schools, modernized healthcare facilities—we usher our clients into the future to help them be their absolute best.

What is “connected building technology”?

We work to make our buildings the smartest they can be. That means a lot more than simply outfitting them with the latest technology and best security. It’s the meticulous analysis of a property, designing a system that prioritizes its unique needs and ensuring that all aspects of that system operate in tandem toward a single goal: the efficiency, safety and comfort of its people within.


When it comes to communication, security, fire and life-safety technology for healthcare facilities, we’re Arizona’s preferred provider.



In today’s world, the safety of our schools is non-negotiable. With unique situations like active shooters and severe weather in mind, we can outfit and upgrade your school with ease.



Enterprise commercial automation, video, security and fire—whether your business is a single facility or a network of buildings, we can meet your unique business needs.


Multi-family housing

Student housing, condos, apartments; whether it’s your residents’ safety and comfort or your building’s up-to-code status, our system design and service will put your worries to rest.


Futureproof your technology with T.a.p.

An innovative service that keeps you ahead of the curve

With our Technology Acceleration Program (T.A.P.), we bring the future to you. More importantly, we’ll keep you there. That means keeping an eye on your building and taking care of everything—upgrades, repairs, software and more. With T.A.P., you can focus on your business and what matters most to you.

For a flat monthly fee, the program earns you:

The latest technology on the market

Higher productivity with changing technology

Annual assessments and site evaluations

On-site and remote support from industry experts

Our services

Our connected building technologies are an all-encompassing approach. Whether you need a single service or everything we have to offer, ECD is a one-stop provider. No juggling vendors means no time wasted and less hassle.