Take control of emergency situations.

What happens within the first minute of a crisis—whether it’s severe weather or an active shooter—can make all the difference in how a dangerous situation plays out. We know these are very emotional and high-tension moments that require immediate action, proper protocol and systems you can trust to protect lives. ECD Systems provides a comprehensive approach to every element, giving you one single provider for total peace of mind.

Automation Systems

We can work with you to design, engineer and install automated systems that help increase safety and control access during life-threatening situations. Gain instant control of your building’s lights, locks and notification methods. We use years of experience and expertise to understand your needs before collaborating with you on new builds, existing systems and aging infrastructure that needs to be updated with the latest technology.

Safety Protocol

We work with schools, hospitals, organizations and businesses to help establish action plans that help people take immediate action when needed. ECD Systems offers help with event management, school safety programs, classroom management and more to give educators and leaders the tools they need to react quickly, safely and effectively.

Emergency Communication Systems

A direct line of communication during a crisis can make all the difference in life-or-death situations. Creating secure, effective and predictable methods of contact allow your team to take cohesive action and communicate possible threats as efficiently as possible. We can also work with you on a full first responders communication infrastructure to ensure your facility is up to code.

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