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Based on your answers, your business can be Smarter with ECD Security Solutions.

Here is how our ECD Customers might answer the same questions:

Question #1:

Did you get a picture text of who opened/closed your business today?

ECD Customers manage their business via daily alerts and have unlimited access on the go!

Question #2:

Are you able to view all business locations from one app?

ECD Customers view and manage all locations from a single dashboard, allowing them to see, monitor and control all of their locations with ease.

Question #3:

Was your AC blasting all night long?

ECD Customer thermostats automatically adjust for energy savings when the system is armed. The money saved often pays for the security service.

Question #4:

Have you ever worried your Alarm Systems wasn’t armed when you close?

ECD Customers automatically receive a text alert if the alarm system isn’t armed after closing time, or they drive away without arming.  Now, that’s Smart Security!

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